Truly Hard Seltzer – #3 Most Amazon-able Brand @ ComplexCon

Truly Hard Seltzer

Brand mission: 100 calorie hard seltzer, gluten free and simple natural ingredients. 

Market insight as to why the product is hot: With the restrictions on Whiteclaw people will be looking for a replacement hard seltzer. Low calorie and sugar (1g) and carb (2G) make Truly an appealing alternative. 

Why will it do well on amazon: AmazonFresh announced this week that they are offering Prime Members free 1 hour delivery of their groceries. This will really explode the traffic and purchase behavior of groceries on Amazon and provides a young brand like Truly an amazing opportunity to grow with Amazon. Unlike the endless options of liquor/wine/beer there are less hard seltzers so people will be more likely to just purchase the one are familiar with and already like.  

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E: IG: @justin_smartosc (biz) @j__dollarsign (private) LI: CEO, North America, **Thoughts are all mine and may not necessarily reflect all of the time.

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