Agile Marketplace Services

We consult with your teams to understand how your business fits best with marketplaces. 

Consulting. Agile Amazon Teams. SEM on Marketplaces. Sponsored Ads.

Marketplace Consulting

Our leadership team will provide ad-hoc consulting on your Marketplace projects on a per hour basis to asses strategy, costs and upside of your Marketplace plans.

Agile Marketplace Teams

bazaar company offers full-service marketplace brand management on Amazon & other relevant marketplaces to your brand. Our typical engagement involves: An account manager, A marketplace engineer and a media buyer.

Depending on your catalog size & promotional goals, our team will focus on delivering Retail Ready Listings that we can continue to Optimize for Organic Reach, while maximizing Sponsored Ads Spend for ROAS, ACOS & Market Share based strategies based on your needs.

SEM on Marketplaces

Here is a quick rundown on why Google SEM & Amazon Search Marketing are 2 completely different beasts:

Sponsored Ads Management

Amazon has some of the most undervalued impressions available on the Internet. Shoppers are in-market and often less $$ than Google

The reality is brands need to make decisions on which products to prioritize advertising budget on Amazon, due to limited budget and headcount.

What are your goals for Advertising on Amazon?

Profitability >> choose higher ASP (Average Sale Price) and/or margin products

Marketshare >> choose products with more competitive ASP in your category