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Are you under capitalizing on >40% of your online branded search?

If Amazon & Marketplaces are not central to your distribution strategy, then “YES“.

Register to speak with our leadership team about whether your business is “Amazon-able” and how we would approach scaling your marketplace business.

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What does it mean to be “highly Amazon-able”?

1) The product type has high gross margins – ideally >70%.

2) The brand has developed a community of loyal followers that will engage & share announcements. SIC: Net Promoter Score is high.

3) The category is under-developed on Amazon (Fashion , Automotive & Automotive After Parts) – when we say “under-developed” we mean that the brands that consumers want everywhere but Amazon are not present (why would Allbirds not list on Amazon when their competitors are all looking to rank on their search term?). Based on our 1st party research of the accounts we manage, we are confident in saying you are not capitalizing on >40% of your Branded Search by not listing on Amazon.

4) The brand is growing in a category where the brand is gaining marketshare in a strategic growth category for Amazon (Grocery).