KNC Beauty – #2 Most Amazon-able Brand @ ComplexCon

KNC Beauty

Brand mission: KNC Beauty specializes in all-natural lip masks and eye masks for the perfect natural beauty. 

Items they sell: Collagen-infused lip masks, reinol infused eye masks, lip balm.

Market insight as to why the product is hot: First of its kind in terms of natural lip masks. Brings out organic beauty without determinantal chemicals. Hot on IG with celebrities and publications.

Why will it do well on amazon: Amazon strengthens its No. 5 spot gaining 100 bps share to 5%—this compares to No. 17 in Fall 2018. Not to mention, Brand loyalty with beauty products is high, so is the push for all-natural, un-intrusive products. Getting people exposed and hooked on the selective collection of KNC Beauty would drive long-term sales without excessive maintenance costs.

Good-for-you and natural brands dominate the best sellers on skincare/beauty for female teens 2019 including similar products such as Aveeno and Burts Bees. 89% of female teens use online influencers as a source of discovery for beauty brands and trends, and KNC Beauty already has a hot IG presence.