Good Smile Connect (GSC) – #9 Most Amazon-able Brand @ ComplexCon

Good Smile Connect (GSC)

Brand mission: Japanese products company that develops and distributes premium collectible items. Also involved in animation production and motorsports industry.

Market insight as to why the product is hot: Content and commerce continue to merge and investments in content marketing continue to deliver better, more sustainable customer acquisition/retention benefits than many advertising opportunities. On top of that, anime, cartoons & video games are great merch opportunities for toys, apparel and related product catalogs.

GSC, with their collaborative approach to working with creatives to develop products and GoToMarket strategies sits in an interesting position to provide turnkey programs for an increasingly fragmented video game & content publishing industry.

Why will it do well on amazon: There is an interesting case study of a similar business that exploded on Amazon in sales but have since had issues in scaling due to numerous seller policy infringements

TeeSpring – a Andreesen Horrowitz portfolio company – provides a screen printing website that allows artists to create and sell their graphic tshirts through their system. TeeSpring has thousands of creatives pooled together creating even more styles of shirts that no one needs to take inventory on (print on demand once the shirt is ordered). It was brilliant, until Amazon started Merch by Amazon (MBA)  and now there is a fairly active community on Reddit that debates whether MBA or TeeSpring is a better platform to manage your graphic t-shirt business. 

GSC has a similar sized opportunity and can even further their ability to compete on Amazon by leveraging Twitch and Amazon’s growing marketing tools to convert Twitch users to Amazon buyers

A content publisher meets manufacturer of toys and merch… very intriguing.